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No Can Touchy Touchy

November 7, 2011

Islands (Shima tachi) by Izumi Masatoshi, Japanese basalt, 2000

I really, really, really wanted to touch the rocks, except that these rocks were sculpture, and they were in the Museum of the Art Institute Chicago.

Carefully carved and crafted to look like they were found in the form they are currently in, the big, chunky basalt pieces were so inviting.  Maybe most of us want to touch and climb on the sculpture, like children tend to with the Picasso downtown.  I was a bit tired from walking around all day and kept thinking how much I wanted to climb up and sit on one of them.  The more I looked at them, the more I wanted to feel the surfaces.  This was all the more tempting because the they looked so touchable, there was no kind of pedestal or base for them to rest on, or those pesky little miniature wire and posts museum fences.  I had to remove myself from the area and from temptation.

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