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Teacup by Shellie Lewis

November 2, 2011

Teacup by Shellie Lewis, Acrylics, labels and oils on canvas, 8” x 10” [20.3 x  25.4 cm]

My Tea collage painting combination seemed to need a companion.  I had some of the exact yellow that I mixed left, so I made this small canvas.  The teacup is a piece of Harlequin Ware, I think it was made circa 1950s. 

Harlequin Ware was a slimmer and less popular competitor to Fiesta Ware.  I liked this design a lot more, it was more Art Deco inspired; Fiesta Ware is thick and clunky.  I once had vague hopes of building a set of these dishes, but they are ridiculously hard to find.  The time frame of production was very narrow and not very many seemed to have been produced.  I have four teacups and saucers that I pull out for guests from time to time.

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