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Low Tech Printmaking: Cardboard Relief

October 27, 2011

You can carve corrugated cardboard to make relief printmaking works.  The effect is like a low-budget linoleum carving.  This experimental print I made back in 2002 was cut with a razor blade and an X-Acto [pen knife].  Negative spaces were peeled away after being cut.  This gives a raised area for making the relief print. 

I drew the hearts directly on the cardboard.  I then scraped the corrugation ridges of excess papery bits to be smooth and make lines to be a part of the pattern.  I inked the cardboard piece with a rubber roller and used a wooden spoon to get the impression.  You will get variations on the quality of the print, depending on how smooth the cardboard is and how well it takes the ink.

I have had good experience with incising text art and bold, blocky shapes.  Feel free to experiment with this low-cost and easy method of relief printmaking.  I will have to try to do some more designs in the future and try for more intricate compositions.       

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