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Artist of the Week: Larry Zgoda

October 23, 2011

Chicago stained-glass artist Larry Zgoda makes a variety of hanging and free-standing windows, custom windows for buildings and stained glass sculptures.  I had admired the windows shown here, liking the structured and organized nature of the designs and their abstraction, and the artist offered me the word architectural.  Interested in the Art & Crafts movement in the UK and USA, Zgoda creates works of beauty intended to be a part of people’s living environments.

I particularly like how his hanging and free standing windows have rich, lustrous thick wooden frames encasing the windows.  The added beauty of the wood acts like a frame; I may be responding to this as a frame that thus makes the stained glass a painting.  I had viewed another artist’s stained glass windows at another venue, made with regular lead channel surrounding the window, and felt strongly about how much better the wood framing looked around Zgoda’s windows.  It gives each one a stronger presence and a sense of permanence. 

See more of Larry Zgoda’s original work and commissioned windows for buildings at his portfolio website here.  He has a wide range of windows created for a variety of clients, many of which are in a larger scale than the work I had the privilege to see.

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