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Basic Information: Try a Monochromatic Painting

October 20, 2011

Horse Eye by Holly Perkins, Acrylics on canvasboard, 2011, 5” x 7”

Some painting teachers start students out only using black and white paint, to transition them from drawing and get them used to wet media.  A nice next step or early step in learning painting is to select a color you like and work with just that color and white. 

Holly Perkins is an experienced equestrian and all-around horsey person, and she really loves the deep emotional quality of a horse’s eye.  She did this painting with burnt sienna brown and titanium white.  A monochromatic painting is easy to pull off; all of the shades of the same color will tie the whole work together and make it work.  If you are learning how to paint, try doing some monochromatic paintings and see how much you can do with just two tubes of paint.

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