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"Impressive Vidz" and Sub-standard English

October 18, 2011

I am sick and tired of Tween Text-Speak email messages like these in my inbox for my email accounts and the YouTube internal email and messaging system:

Impressive Vidz

wow you got a cool page mate..you shud try get sum subs with sub4sub.com

you can do it as many times as u like and your subs will keep building up.

im got like 200 in 1 day..you shud try it

cya eddy

Even better, the email address was named “Janet” something.   Total fail, “Eddy”, on making a plausible online identity, using correct spelling and creating grammatical sentences.

I feel compelled to post my universal response to these unwanted solicitations for scammy offers.  I’m old enough to use 1337 without being Ironic.  I was online before Windows was.  And I am fed up, so it’s time to video flame these asshat trolls.  Feel free to use this link and corresponding video for your own personal smack down.  Fire at will.

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