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Artist Tip: En Plein Air, Now or Later

October 17, 2011

Painting outside is a lot of fun for me and nearly a guilty pleasure, but I feel it is ruined if I try to rush.  I head outdoors to noodle around, have fun and take a break from my other series of work.  Sometimes I can slam a painting and have it complete in one outing.  Sometimes trying to force the issue of getting the whole painting done in one shot has resulted in some of my worst paintings, weird scrawls -that I promise you- were thrown in the trash.  Even Monet didn’t finish everything outside.

I bring a small digital camera and take some photographs right away when I settle in a spot to paint.  That way if something moves or changes, if the light fades, if the weather forces me indoors, if I wind up struggling with the wind or if suicidal insects bent on dying in my wet paint appear in droves, I can continue to work on the painting at home at a later time.  Painting outside should be fun and relaxing.  Taking some digital photographs right away before I start guarantees I don’t have to rush.

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