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Gabrielle Wilson, Glass Artist

October 14, 2011

Gabrielle Wilson is a young, new artist in world of glass blowing art.  She has been showing her work at fairs in and around Chicago.  She is spreading her wings and starting to fly, has a website and is hooked up with a suburban gallery. 

It is always good to take an interest in artists that are getting started.  You have a chance to get their work when prices are at their lowest, can help encourage the artist to continue making work and get to see the artist grow in skills and experience. 

I am hard-pressed to think of anything harder than glass blowing.  Glass is fragile, moody and has to be worked at extremely high temperatures.  I should not be allowed near that hot of an open flame.  I can’t keep paint off of my clothes; this is not an art form for easily distracted types, I would need asbestos underwear and a team of people with fire extinguishers on stand-by.  I definitely admire people that can do this type of art.  It has been a thrill to see Gabrielle Wilson bring out piece after piece.  Some are more functional and some are strictly sculptural.  Check out her website, Gabe’s Glass, for photos of recent pieces and works available for sale.

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