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Basic Information: Pen & Ink With Watercolour

October 8, 2011

Bumblebee* by Shellie Lewis, Rapidograph pen and VanGogh Watercolour

A very nice kind of painting to make, if you like to draw, is a pen and ink drawing with watercolor.  You need to make sure the ink used is waterproof.  There are different kinds of waterproof India ink for various pens.

I used to need to do the drawing in pencil; I would start a basic sketch and then erase the pencil lines after then ink was dried.  I am better with pens now that I’m older and draw directly with them.  Pay attention to the pen marks and how black or dense areas of marks are; a solid drawing will make a great painting.  Once the ink is dry, you can paints washes and layers of watercolour to your heart’s content.

 * After I finished this painting, I stopped in my tracks and said “Wait-a-minnit… bees are athropods and insects… where are the other two legs?”  Sure enough, I was missing two legs.  I went back to the photograph I drew this from, and I did draw the bee faithfully.  I then dug into the internet, and many photographs of bumblebees only show four legs, because bumblebees have little, tiny forelegs that are usually tucked up or blocked from line of sight by their middle legs.  

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