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Rapidograph Disaster: Part 2

October 7, 2011

A Tale in Which I Struggle to Reclaim Use of Pens Filled With Dry Ink

I have use of most of the pens back, except one.  I left the pen parts in the Isopropyl Alcohol for over six hours, then I rinsed them in running water and transferred them to a jar of Rapio-Eze pen cleaner.  I left them soaking in that overnight, easily more than eight hours.  Only the largest width drawing pen is still clogged; ironically, I thought the ones with the finest drawing points would be a problem and remain clogged.

I put the still-clogged pen parts for the largest, still-clogged pen back into the cleaner.  The tube of the pen tip is too thin to try and use a pin to poke through the ink and running water is not helping at all.  At the worst, I will have to replace this pen nib.  I need to replace one other because it is the second thinnest width and the nib is just plain worn out from use.  Considering the state they were in, I am glad that the cleaning process went this well.

I also noticed that the soapy Rapidio-Eze cleaner does a perfect job of getting ink on my hands washed off.  It is perfectly tailored to dissolve and remove the Rapiograph waterproof ink, even if it has dried on skin. 

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