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Book Recommendation: AutobioGraphix

October 3, 2011

This small anthology published by Dark Horse collects together several short autobiographical stories by many well-known comic book artists.  Matt Wagner, Frank Miller, Paul Chadwick, Sergio Aragonés, Stan Sakai, Bill Morrison, Will Eisner and more are pulled together with other internationally known artists.  Each tell a personal story of their choosing.

I like comic books in general and autobiographical comics in particular, having previously recommended Blankets by Craig Thompson.  If you like the black and white medium for comics or artist’s autobiographies, this volume is selling for less than $3.00 USD on Amazon, for either new or used copies (first edition 2003).

From the Afterword:

“It was Will Eisner, the grand master of sequential art, who noted that comics came of age with the advent of the undergrounds and their cartoonists’ insistence on telling stories from real life.  It was at that point, says Will, that the medium made the quantum leap beyond its origins as pulp entertainment and into the heady realm of literature.  Not surprisingly, Will himself was a pioneer of first-person narrative in comics, albeit in a fictional context; but it remained to those comix artists of the sixties to lend an autobiographical voice to the medium, for the first time establishing a close contact between creator and reader.”

– Diana Schultz, Editor

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