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Artist of the Week: Judy Hinkes Zeddies

October 2, 2011

Road Trip II by Judy Hinkes Zeddies, relief print 8” x 12”

Printmaker Judy Hinkes Zeddies works in a variety of traditional printmaking media, including intaglio, woodcuts, linocuts, monoprints and collographs.  There is a lot of representational imagery and some works use items, such as chairs, as symbols.

Blue Windsor by Judy Hinkes Zeddies, 1/1 edition, etching with Xerox transfer, 14” x 11”

I am very happy that I learned two things visiting her studio today.  Judy explained to me that it has been her experience that the needs for presses and other large scale, heavy or expensive equipment brings printmakers together and they have a stronger inclination to collaboration and sharing knowledge about techniques and processes.  She has also found a parallel with ceramic artists and their need for kilns.  Thus both creative forms lend to communal cooperation and sharing of knowledge.

Judy Hinkes Zeddies will use oil-based inks and have intentional gaps in the design or pattern of the relief cut, which she will over-paint the printed page using watercolors.  The paints goes precisely where she needs it to go in the design because the oil-based inks repel the watercolor.  This is a clever tactic used well to make a relief print look like it had more cut blocks that it really did; what appears to be a three block print turns out to have been two.  She also taught me how to make a clever printmaking tool, a substitute for a Japanese baren or wooden spoon, used to press paper and print relief prints.  See the video below:

See more of Judy’s work at her portfolio website here.

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