Art Patch Project Works

September 29, 2011




Here are finished silk screen patches from the Art Patch Project I made digital designs for.  I hand cut the stencil for printing the white layer; one leg of the dog is off because a small part of the stencil shifted.  Printing the patches on quilting cotton had a fun look.  The lavender patch has silver glitter stars on it and looks very fun in person.

This was my first time using fabric silk screen inks.  I like how the ink was a bit thick but spread well when I ran the squeegee over it.  I had a 110 mesh screen and just ordinary Speedball fabric inks, nothing fancy.  These are what would work well for a t-shirt design.  I am used to using 220 mesh and very thin inks on heavy weight paper.  The change in consistency took a little getting used to.  The fabric inks seemed more like jelly.  I put the air dried patches between copy paper and heat set the inks with an iron.  I know some people use a heat gun to set the fabric inks and that this works faster.

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