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Rescue Kachina

September 27, 2011

I was surprised to see a Southwestern Kachina on the lawn of a neighboring home.  I was at a garage sale last weekend, and the sellers had set aside a Hoop Dancer Kachina because it was broken.  These do not show up much in Illinois.  The Kachina got squashed by other items in the box it had been stored in.  The arm was broken off and the nose was missing.  Some decorations on the dancing clothes were missing.  I was buying other items and the sellers gave me the broken Kachina to take home for free.

The arm had a greasy sort of adhesive, which I think was hide glue.  I wiped it away as much as possible and just used hot glue to get the broken arm and a broken hoop back into place.  Then I took some very nice turquoise beads and glued them on to fancy up his dance regalia.  A cone shaped jasper bead replaced the nose, which was break-like cone in the original design, and I painted around it and the inside of the eyes with a fresh layer of black.

This Kachina is twice as large as the ones I already have, as shown in my prior article Ten Strategies For Collecting Art.  It is not signed on the underside of the cedar wood base, and I wonder that it may be an older piece because of this.  I did use my freezer trick to help conserve the feathers on the head-dress.

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