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Artist of the Week: Karl Raack

September 25, 2011

Local Chicago artist Karl Raack has a large mural near my apartment which I love very much.  It perfectly captures the neighborhood I live in.  The scale of the work is shown in the photograph below, and the painting hangs on the side of a building with apartments, businesses and a cafe.  It is very large and hard to photograph due to a lack of an unobstructed view.

Mural art by Karl Raack

Here is a close up detail of part of the painting.

My friend Noelle is amused by the mural and told me that it predicted my arrival in this neighborhood.  The mural is dated 2007 and I moved here in the summer of 2008.  I am the woman with the green outfit.  I do have a love for vintage thrift store polyester but the glasses are a bit of a WTF and would have to be prescription.  Even more, the dog resembles Noelle’s family dog Logan, which I do walk and babysit.  Also, Logan’s (years old) leash is red and he arrived in the neighborhood with a family move in 2010.

The far left dog could be Isis, the Doberman Pinscher across the street, with a kid then Logan and myself.

Logan and my Gomez.

In honor of creating what has be deemed a prophetic painting, and a very good mural regardless, Karl Raack is my Artist of the Week.  Here are two other works he has online which I believe are proposals for future murals or larger paintings.  I did not find a blog or portfolio website for Karl Raack, but he can be contacted here.

Rockwell Crossing by Karl Raack, acrylics

Millennium Park Under Construction by Karl Raack, acrylics

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