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TMBG Rocked the House

September 23, 2011

My friend Jeremy had an extra ticket to John Coulton opening for They Might Be Giants at the Vic.  I had a great time.  The show was fantastic, really fun; so much musical talent, such creative expression and performance talent.  TMBG does things for audience participation and interactivity.  The crowd on the main floor was amped.

TMBG had a video sequence on the projection screen behind them; once part was a high contrast black and white abstract animation sequence that was hypnotic.  It had good flow.  Another sequence had ribbons, bows and other things, like party memorabilia, floating as it had been dropped into clear water.  It made me think, I want to be cool some day and do the video projection footage for a band I like.  I need to get a gig like that some day.

I didn’t try to shoot video at this show.  Security goons make you open your purse, your coat or jacket and generally and shake you the fuck down at the Vic.  Security goons frisked the crowd hardcore when I went to the Rollins show.  I don’t think these bands care about people using recording devices, and some artists don’t care because it’s all free publicity for them.  There was no enforcement in the theater, no telling people to stop recording or put away their phones and cameras.

Some people were hell bent on recording the whole thing.  I always find that a little weird.  Maybe they are thrilled to have the ability to do so, having access to that level of technology, but the in-camera microphone on a pocket camera is always crap and the amps blow out the sound really bad.  I like to get a sample, a short clip or a few songs, like I did with Rasputina, EE and other groups.  I absolutely do not want to watch the whole concert on a 2” x 3” screen.  That defeats the purpose of being at the show in person.  I don’t want to watch a movie on PSP, either.

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