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Artist of the Week: Jason Brammer

September 18, 2011

Reel Lens by Jason Brammer, Acrylic, antique hardware, metal, cassette tape and salvaged wood, 13.5” x 6.25”

Jason Brammer is creating a combination of painting and assemblage, as wall mounted art objects, that are particularly beautiful and skilled.  These objects look like they are antiques, actual functional items that have been around for a long time, being still in their original assembled form.

Assemblage art can be amazing or sometimes the worst art I find.  Of the worst assemblage art, the work like too much like discarded rubbish; I thus dub the art object “shit stuck together”. There will be none of that with pieces by Jason Brammer; each piece is composed to be perfect.  He uses an airbrush to paint the interior part of the works.  The painted finishes look aged, true to materials such as bronze, brass, copper, wood and other surfaces, which blends the salvaged materials with his painting perfectly.  To my eyes, his works are the products of an imagined past or parallel universe.

Time Machine LXIV (Internal Syphon) by Jason Brammer, Acrylic, plaster, antique hardware, velvet, salvaged wood, copper pipe & Masonite, 50.5” x 25”

Sound Machine VI by Jason Brammer, Acrylic, plaster, antique hardware, vacuum tube, and wire on Masonite, 16” x 7.5”

Main Stopper by Jason Brammer, Acrylic, antique gauge, salvaged wood and illustration board, 15.25” x 4.5”

See more of Jason Brammer’s work at his portfolio website here.  He was also one of the winners of the 49th Ward mural competition here in Chicago.  The artist talks about his work in the nine and half minute video below.

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