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Donated Art Around Town

September 14, 2011

I have made two more donated art pieces, both are intended to be silkscreen designs like my “Pits are Pets”.  It has been good to stay in practice with Illustrator and using text.

The first design is part of an art patch project that is both focused on Chicago and is in national distribution to protest the rights of fine artists to sell their work in public.  Vending art in public is illegal in Chicago.  Any kind of food stand or pushcart food sales is minimal.  Technically, there is a so-called “Peddler’s License” that can be bought; but it prohibits art sales in parks and many other times and locations, and thus for all practical purposes is useless.

I’ve never risked street vending.  I know city cops, especially downtown near tourist attractions, will jack me into handcuffs before I could blink.  I know one gal who sells art on the streets infrequently.  She brings her boyfriend as a look-out, clings to low risk areas and stays on the move, never lingering too long in any one place, backpack at the ready to grab and run.  People can beg and panhandle all they want because the ACLU sued the city for arresting beggars, indicating they were protected under the First Amendment right to free speech, and won years ago.  So if you visit Chicago and walk downtown and get hit up every block by panhandlers but notice a lack of any other street culture there, that’s why.

The second design is for a Chicago local Brenda Ortiz.  She is running the Bank of America marathon to raise funds for the Make a Wish Foundation.  This is a wonderful charity and she hopes to raise $700.00 or more in donations.  The design may be used on t-shirts as well as on art patches.  She hopes to direct people to her donation website and meet her fund raising goal to help children with major and life-threatening illness.  I couldn’t manage running a marathon, but I might be able to walk it if you pull a cheese tray in front of me with a string for the full 26 miles and promise me I can have it at the finish line.

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