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Artist of the Week: Eric Lee

September 11, 2011

The camera can’t even come close to capturing the light and color of these works; your eye may catch reflections off the surface of the glass, but your attention is drawn to the painting on its reverse.  Eric Lee is doing complex and sophisticated abstract paintings on large sheets of tempered glass.

The effect is very beautiful, and a few pieces were done as coffee table tops.  Some works have metallic effects in the paint; a shimmer of the metallic grains will sparkle in addition to the glossy surface of the glass.  I am confident that Eric Lee could paint on canvas and the paintings would still have a high level of interest, yet something about them being on glass gives the paintings an edge.  They’re cool and different.  They speak of the modern, contemporary and current.

Brush strokes and mottled surfaces play across the field of each painting, moving your eye across the work and making each painting individual, highly detailed and interesting.  When there is a geometric form in the composition, such as a circle or a square, the edges are crisp and razor sharp.  These paintings are where a high degree of craft and depth of imagination come together.

See more works by Eric Lee at his portfolio website here.  I pulled together a video of some clips of the works on display outdoors below.

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