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Construction Site Fence Fail

September 3, 2011

Construction site fences often have a sort of sheer tarp attached to them.  These taprs have a loose weave, so wind will not pull down the fence; but as far as taggers working at night are concerned, they may as well be curtains.  Plus, short chain link fences are not too hard to climb over or get around.  I have no idea why these mesh tarps, usually green, are used to screen construction sites.  Maybe it has something to do with dust and debris.  Maybe it is about appearances.  They attract taggers quite nicely.  These two mural tags went up in a night in my neighborhood.

I inverted one image in Photoshop, and it looks really cool!

Ironically, the empty lot adjacent to this wall is where a building, now torn down, had the “War is Trauma” printmaking mural on it.  The other poster was on this building around the corner.The building in un-inhabited and under renovation.  You can see the gutted walls through the gaps where the windows should be.  It is headed back toward being an apartment building, eventually.

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