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Artist of the Week: Robert Bateman

August 28, 2011

Stream Bank, June by Robert Bateman, acrylic, 1968, 18” x 29”

I’m headed out to picnic at a local forest preserve with friends today, which has brought to mind much beloved nature artist Robert Bateman.  Robert Bateman has a decades long career and multiple published volumes of his paintings.  Chances are good you have seen some of his work in some kind of reprinted form.

Rough-legged Hawk in the Elm by Robert Bateman, acrylic on board, 1966, 36” x 48”

Equally good at landscapes and animals, Bateman is a studied artist that pays careful attention to detail.  People that love animals can find many favorite animals and endangered species in his work.  Bateman not only loves the natural world for its beauty, he cares a great deal about environmental conservation and the impact people have on the environment.  See this less than five minute interview where he talks about his work in preface to an international retrospective show that opened in 2007, which includes a lovely watercolor he did as a 14 year old bird watcher:

I love how Bateman handles acrylics so flawlessly and the large scale of his works.  His portfolio website is massive and has many paintings to go through.  A nice touch is that there is a write-up with information and commentary from the artist on each of his works.  Click here to see more.

Defensive Stand (Siberian Crane) by Robert Bateman, acrylic, 1999, 36” x 36”

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