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EE: The Magic Circus Band

August 25, 2011

I think this group was billed as a Ska band, which is sort of heading in the right direction.  EE [Environmental Encroachment] is dual purpose: marching band and mad stage ensemble.  Big band, swing, marching band, R&B and Jethro Tull kind of all got run through the puree setting of the EE blender, coming out as a magical music smoothie.  They did a marching band routine to the stage, hit the stage and rolled it out.  Doing up-tempo, upbeat instrumentals appealed to a huge range of people there.  Everyone was loving it.  It was happily infectious, spreading cheer, and more fun than a paper bag full of ferrets.

They like to brand themselves by wearing bunny ears and fans familiar with the group do likewise.  I initially mistook them all for a flash mob with some kind of rabbit motif.  EE announced they are available for all events, even funerals.  (I’d hire ‘em in a minute.)  My only regret is that the tiny microphone in my pocket video camera sucks so much.  See them in person if you get a chance.  I hope they come back to Chicago soon.

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