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Needlework Animated

August 23, 2011

Total madness.  I love it.  I am reblogging this animated GIF from a Regretsy.com post.  Having noodled around with a few counted cross stitch patterns, a few of which were obscene, I have an appreciation for the lengthy amount of work it would have taken to crewel stitch the running Labrador retriever. 

“Aubrey Longley-Cook is an Atlanta based artist working in animation and embroidery. He created this animation by editing together images of 15 embroidered pieces. He used his own dog, Gus, as the model.

See more awesome work on his website, Spool Spectrum.”

This is another example added to my growing list of delightful fusions of traditional, physical media and digital media.  I believe Aubrey Longley-Cook was able to make the pattern sequence of the stitched animation by taking stills of digital video.  At least, that would be a good way to go about getting the frames to later stitch onto fabric, photograph, then animate as a GIF.

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