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Multimedia Digital Video Assemblage

August 23, 2011

What if… Jaws ate Chief Brady? by Chris Shimala

As time progresses, I am definitely seeing more combinations of digital technology and physical art media.  Small scale video and a lens come together with this assemblage piece, looping a clip from the movie Jaws.  There are a lot of lenses available from outdated analog devices which people have been gathering and employing in new uses.  I have found smaller video displays -direct video displays of the non-projection type- to be more common and suspect that it is easier to work smaller scale and getting materials is also easier.  Artist MARCK has created the largest video art objects that I have seen in person using LED screen display technology.  There is an inherent benefit to using small scale video, because seeking out the small video imagery brings people up close to the work to scrutinize it; it pulls viewers in.  You can see there is a light in the mouth of the plastic shark toy, and then looking through the lens is a delight because the video clip is discovered.

What if… Jaws ate Chief Brady? is about 9” x 12”  [22.9 x 30.5 cm].  The piece plugs in with a cord that powers the unit.  This was at the “What If” art show I visited last Saturday.  Presented as a painting hung on the wall, the beach theme and resin or carved churning water support the shark and its secret.

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