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Rasputina Show

August 15, 2011





Rasputina performed downtown at Millennium Park today and the show was awesome!  I headed out with a group of friends and we loved the show.  It was also a really yummy people watching expedition because all of the middle aged straights who saw the free performance had cellos ran into the freaky freaky crowd, because Rasputina is a Goth band with an enthusiastic following.  So there would be some guy in khaki walking shorts and a plaid shirt surrounded by the alternative crowd in full-out everything: Goth, tattoos, ear plugs, fingerless gloves, locks, Steampunk et cetera.  [Actually, my friend Pam recently died her hair blue.  It looks great.]  Mainstream stood out like a sore thumb.  Yay for role reversal.

I took a few photos without being intrusive.  I have some video to come; Ye Olde Internet Connection is running very slowly right now.  I shot HD and low res because my pocket camera has a better optical zoom.  Sadly, both in-camera microphones really stink.  The lower notes and bass tones, particularly the drums, were flattened out badly or vanished completely.  I was drooling with envy over someone who had a portable HD with a lot of zoom and separate external directional microphone.

You can get a more accurate sound of Rasputina from preview clips on the Chicago Park District website here, at least for as long as they are available.

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