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Artist of the Week: Jamie Spicer Lewis

August 13, 2011

Animator and/or Bum Jamie Spicer Lewis [no relation] is running his own YouTube channel named RageNineteen which is a collection of animated shorts that he makes.  I love Pop art and anything cartoon or from the comic book genre, so I had a lot of fun watching these one to two minute cartoons.

Lewis’ channel indicates he is using Adobe Flash CS4 and Audacity.  Lewis is running a smart business model: get partnered with Google AdSense, get a bunch of entertaining shorts up and collect the money.  He has a strong influence in style from old school thick line cartoons.  Having spent my fair share of time scampering around a cubicle farm, I particularly like his jabs at corporate culture.  Get a bowl of high sugar cereal, settle in and watch a few.

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