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Japanese bamboo art

August 12, 2011

I shot some rapid views of Japanese bamboo art, primarily from one gallery selling the work at Art Chicago NEXT 2011.  The opening image is from the AIC Museum.

There are more contemporary abstract sculptural forms, more structured or traditional basket forms and some wildly organic pieces in this video.  The gallerist advised me that some of the artists he works with do this work as a part of their cultural inheritance, but many of them had not particularly thought of the works as “art”.  Crafting bamboo was just something they did for a hobby, many of them having learned to work the bamboo from elder family members.  Some of the artists were well established and highly esteemed in Japan.  The gallerist felt very strongly about bringing attention and value to Japanese bamboo art by educating the public about the art form and its history. 

I really enjoyed the precision and intricacy of these pieces.  Learn more about Japanese bamboo art and see more images at Tai Gallery, Santa Fe, here.

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