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Artist Tip: Spray Paint Speckles

August 6, 2011

I am continuing to experiment with the acrylic paint alcohol dispersion method and added spray paint as a new element.  I did some teals, greens and blues on paper in very thin washes.  It was a bit boring, so I added silver spray paint flecks.

To make good speckles, spots and flecks, you need lay the surface flat and hold a can of spray paint about two to three feet above the surface your are painting and let the paint mist down in tiny droplets.  It takes a little practice to do this.  Experiment and see how the distance above the surface affects how small the spray paint speckles are.  I wanted a constellation of tiny silver flecks, so I misted the spray paint in short bursts.  It looks even better in person.  Light reflects off the metallic silver spray paint like it is glitter.

You can also use spray paint speckles in intalgio etching.  Mist the spray paint down on a metal plate before etching it to fake the look of aquatint process etchings.  The flecks add texture to the printmaking plate; wherever there are spray paint droplets, the plat will not etch.

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