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Small Expressive Nudes

August 3, 2011

I am still drawing and painting my way through recycled book pages, and I am experimenting with using the color of the old page as the middle skin tone, combined with charcoal and pastels.  I have some small picture frames made of unfinished pine, which is match the drawing very well.  I will do more figurative drawings on the book pages to fill the frames that I have left and make a short run series of these because I really like how this piece looks.  The book page paper has a bit of a rough tooth and is takes the charcoals and pastels perfectly.

Gauguin Dreaming by Shellie Lewis, acrylic, metallic acrylic and oils on paper, 9” x 12” [22.9 x 30.5 cm]

I had a loose rapid drawing on heavy, gelatin-sized Montval acrylic painting paper left over from a figure class I sat in on in last March.  There was a lot of empty space around the loose sketch, so I did the alcohol / acrylic dispersion method in many layers to make an interesting background with several layers of paint done with the dispersion method.  I used metallic paint and a glaze with some fine iridescent glitter in the background.  Then I sealed the whole page with acrylic gloss medium and overpainted the nude figure in oils.  This worked particularly well because the sealed background layer was fixed in place, and if I needed to make corrections to the figure I could just rub the oils away using mineral spirits without disturbing the background.

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