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Artist of the Week: Royal Richardson Miree

July 30, 2011

Fire Walker by Royal Richardson Miree; Copper, etched steel, stainless steel & aluminum, 50” rotation

Royal Richadson Miree is always looking to make the balance and beauty combine perfectly in metal.  I found this artist with his works at an outdoor show downtown this summer.  The way light plays off of the surface of the metals, especially when the sculptures are moving, is just marvelous.  Admittedly, I have a an ever increasing love for kinetic sculpture.  I shot some video of the works in the shade of the booth walls; see them in motion.  Miree has a heavy interest in the application of mechanics, physics and mathematics to his works, which have more spiritual or allegorical titles.  The artist indicates:

Designs for each rotational sculpture start as a basic line drawing with attention to the visual flow of elements. As a design develops, the relationship between concept and materials becomes more important. The intent is to create a fluid, figurative image using the minimal amount of material. While the materials are of themselves hard, the aim is to soften them and have them almost dance as they move and reflect. To this end, the smoothness and speed of the counter balance point plays a critical role in the visual affect the work will have in motion.”

I feel the works gain strength when combined with each other.  They are so wonderful displayed together as a group or collection.  They offer visual interest from a distance or up close.  See more of Royal Richadson Miree’s sculptures at his portfolio website here.

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