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No Use Crying Over Spilled Bleach

July 29, 2011

Q: What happens when you combine a sick Basset Hound, a powerful antibiotic and a well-intentioned BBQ rib bone as a treat? 

A: Bazooka barfing.  All over the place.

This lead me to stumble with a jug of bleach while cleaning the floors and splash one of my favorite tops.  You cannot un-bleach something.  More than diamonds, bleach is forever.  The best way to resolve the ruination of said favorite top is simple: further destruction.  It was time to re-fashion my teal tank top.  I flicked more bleach with a toothbrush right from the jug on the shirt and made the spill into a pattern.

There are lots of ways to use bleach to refashion clothing.  You can thin the bleach with water, which I recommend because unless neutralized quickly, bleach is strong enough to eat through fabric.  Half bleach and half water can be used to do “reverse tie dye”; you remove color from a solid color t-shirt that is wet and tied up like the tie dyeing process with string or rubber bands. 

You can use a stencil to make a pattern or image on a t-shirt.  Cut a pattern or stencil from sticker labels or self-adhesive shelf liner and stick it on a t-shirt, lay the t-shirt flat, mist bleach from a spray bottle, do this outdoors, preferably while wearing a VOC mask [chlorine bleach vapors are very dangerous and will hurt you] and you can make a halo outline around the pattern design.  Better yet, get the t-shirt soaking wet with plain water, place the stencil on the shirt then sprinkle Comet or another scouring cleanser with bleach on the fabric so the stencil outline appears. 

To stop the bleach chemical reaction, promptly submerse the clothing item in white vinegar and water, about 60% white vinegar to 40% water blend is good.  This neutralizes the bleach.  Then run the clothing through the washer and drier like you normally would.  And always remember to keep your hound on a bland diet if he’s on medication.

Mister sickly hound has no remorse for the trouble he has caused.  Although strangely like a Dr. Who TARDIS, he managed to hork up more physical matter than I thought he could possibly contain based on external appearances.

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