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Artist Tip: Easy Contact is Needed

July 26, 2011

Having an online presence seems pretty useless to me if no one can reach you.  I had found and published an etching of a raven I purchased in the early to mid-nineties, but I could not tell the artist about my blog post or ask if he wanted a copy of the scanned image. Despite the artist having multiple blogs and an online profile, I was not able to find contact information for the artist even after jumping through several links.

I have contact email and a phone number on my portfolio site and I own my own name as the domain name.  I keep putting my email address and portfolio website out there; contacting me would take less than a minute.  If you don’t care that no one can reach you about your work, then I guess it does not matter.  I want people to be able to reach me easily if they have an interest in my work or want to make inquiries regarding my work.  If you have an online presence, preferably something more than a social networking profile, take a good look at it and ask yourself if it’s of any use to someone who is trying to reach you.

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