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Artist of the Week: Charles Pfahl

July 24, 2011

Valentine by Charles Pfahl, 2011, oil on canvas, 90” x 78”

The work shown above by Charles Pfahl is huge, superbly realistic and looks like it is three dimensional in person.  People referred to both the realistic quality of the painting and referred to trompe l’oiel in regards to the background.  The painting pops like a good IMAX 3-D effect, except you’re not wearing glasses and it’s done with paint.  Regardless of viewing distance or angle, it seemed like painting was actually three dimensional.  I felt like my retinas were being hacked.  

I was not able to find much information on the artist’s website about the meanings his work conveys save a reference to one work being about various archetypes.  Symbolism and connections between various items seem to be very important to this artist. 

Revolution by Charles Pfahl, 2010, oil on canvas, 66” x 66”

Active since  the late 1960s, Charles Pfahl has a large body of work and many series.  See more of his art here.

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