My First Cartoon!

July 17, 2011

ZOMG I always wanted to make my own cartoon!  I used to have the mathematical formulas for cell animation movement back in the 80s and drew stick people running or jumping rope in the corners of my grammar school text books.  Kids today have it easy, because they have so much technology.  They don’t have to go erasing all the pages they marked on so as to not get in trouble; although I did feel that my work enhanced the textbooks.

I started teaching myself Scratch on the fly when I blogged about it yesterday and was clawing the walls until two in the morning.  [The bane of all digital design: being so… close.. to.. making it work!]  I had not used Scratch program before then.  I did slam every video tutorial on YouTube that I could find.

This 25 second cartoon is the result.  The sound effects tend to have errors, I have them all done correctly.  Sometimes they run right, sometimes they blank out.  I can attest the scripts are right.  The creators of Scratch said they had to sacrifice some functionality for usability.  I’ll work out the bugs.  I noticed that when running the small thumbnail preview in the program, it always runs correctly.  Close out any extraneous programs to free up your processor to make the animations run smoothly.

I had this critter made on Illustrator and whipped up some flies with Live Trace.  I took an Illustrator background and ‘Sopped it with Gaussian blur 0.6 pixels and sized it to the size of the Scratch stage at 480 wide by 360 tall.

Click here to watch “A Day in the Life of a Venus Flytrap”.

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