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Beyond Adobe Flash: An Easy Game, Animation & Interactive Engine – Free Download, Full Version

July 16, 2011

You can get a free game design, animation and interactive program developed by MIT Boston called Scratch.  It’s online and fast to download.

Scratch was designed to be easy to use with a focus on being accessible to children.  It hinges off of visual drag and drop commands that contain code; these can be interconnected and arranged to your heart’s content.  I think this is the future of animation programming, and least on the accessible end-user market.  It is a world of difference from the cumbersome Flash methods.  You can use stock sound, backgrounds and characters or create and import your own.  the program is sophisticated enough to import soundtracking.  I have only just downloaded Scratch this past week and have been going through the tutorial .pdf documents which train you how to use the program.  Scratch’s website features uploads of user creations.  Their current count of participants is:

841,023 registered members,
244,466 project creators,
1,917,439 projects. That’s a lot of Scratch-ing!

Scratch runs on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.  It downloads super fast.  Get your free copy and instructions in use here and you can be making games and animations before the sun sets on this day.

You can use the included clip art character and backgrounds, import characters and backgrounds made in other programs [Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel, etc.] and modify these in Scratch, or do a combination of art using the imported image and the Scratch tools. There is a drawing & painting feature built into Scratch; you can do everything you need to for drawing characters and backgrounds internally to this program. Here is a longer tutorial video of a woman who makes a story with Scratch.

Ten minute real time video, a dragon is drawn, animated and uses two different breath attacks when a button is pressed. The video would have been shorter, but one dragon pose had to be re-drawn because the person animating it forgot to save the dragon cartoon and had to draw it over again. How fast this game element gets slammed together is amazing.

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