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July 15, 2011


This is the last of my first batch of ATCs.  I may have to try to do some printmaking one, maybe linocut, and think about having them in editions.  Maybe I should paint on them more.  This project has been great for all the little scraps of paper I hoarded have around from earlier projects.  I just love paper.

Does anyone else make these, or want to try?  Maybe we can do a set trade through this blog.  If there are X number of participants that agree to trade, we can each make X number of cards.  I can find a venue here in Chicago for them to be mailed to, then take a card each from everyone’s submission and mail the new set of assorted ATCs back to each participant.  If thirty people participate, you get thirty cards back, including one of your own.  I will only bother with this if I get interest in the double digits and if everyone is okay with kicking a few dollars for return shipping to get the card set to them.  If you want to commit to doing this project, email me at ARTG33K74@gmail.com or reply to this post by August 5, 2011.  I’ll let everyone know if there is enough interest to make this a good investment of my time.  We can pick a date a month or two in the future for the cards to be received by, so that we all have time to create the ATCs.

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