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This Totally Needs to Become a Thing

July 8, 2011

Skate painting!  I think I just heard the Chicago graffiti clean up budget break.

See this video, it is a remote control spray paint interface on the bottom of a skateboard.  The sidewalks in urban communities across the world could start to get more interesting.  The suburban places that have a stick up their butt about making skateboarding illegal, as in just riding a skateboard around, let alone graffiti skateboarding, are going to have a panic attack if this idea catches on.

Some comments in the video point to people interested in having a go at some sidewalks.  Remember kids, the #1 rule of graffiti is if you are under 18, it goes on your juvvie record, which can be expunged.  Not that you should take any form of legal advice from an art blog.  I’m just covering my ass editorializing.

See more at the Concrete Disciples website here.

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