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Artist of the Week: Joseph Pilcher

July 3, 2011

Joseph Pilcher is a retired Army pilot that took up sculpting in wood and metal after retirement.  His Taking Flight series of sculptures are made in a single curving and looping band.  The wood tones are rich and lustrous and are a nicely contrasted against the bright metal.  They are amazing to walk around and follow the lines of the piece; every viewing angle has interest.  I would venture that the works are not only about flight -the human accomplishment of flight itself- but the feeling of flying, as in the feeling of being in control of flight and the joy of flying.  The artist advised me that the maneuvers of flight inform the lines of his sculptures. 

Joseph Pilcher has also created works in wood alone.  He told me that some people are purists for all wood sculpture and prefer these works.  They are very beautiful, however the single piece works with the metal band interior are definitely my favorites.  A blogger captured the images below at an outdoor summer art fair.

I was not able to find a website for the artist, just a gallery representative here.  I did find a listed studio address as ARTGARAGE 1429 North Lakeside Dr., Lake Worth, FL, 33460 / 561.588.2784.  I hope to keep an eye out and find more of Joseph Pilcher’s work, especially in person.  At the risk of being tacky with a piloting pun, I can honestly say I expect these works to take off.

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