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If You Believe This, I Have a Bridge to Sell You

June 28, 2011

Nuevo y Magico by Shellie Lewis, spraypaint, acrylics and permanent marker on canvas, 24” x 36”

These photocopied ads keep popping up all over Chicago; none of them say what the magical weight loss product actually is.  You find them posted in grocery stores.  The bottom of the page is cut into pull tags with extra copies of the phone number.  They usually are photocopied crooked and the copier ink is washed out from being low, adding to the janky hand made production of the ads.  The people easily slipping out of their former fat selves is hilarious.  HBBF felt I should have used those images on their own for paintings.  I may do that in the future because they are so funny and unlikely.  Also, I changed the phone number from the one on the original ad, I have no idea whose number this is, so please don’t call it.

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