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Artist Tip: Matching Images Sizes for Art

June 24, 2011

Goldfish by Shellie Lewis, metallic and pearlized acrylics on canvasboard, 6” x 6”

Hockey Blogger Boyfriend gave me an easy cheat method to make sure images of a diptych or triptych are the same size in Adobe Photoshop.  I ran into this with the photographs of the Praxiteles Muse series; I realized that each painting had a different image size depending on how close or far away I was with the DSLR camera.  I was just scampering around on the roof of my apartment taking photographs of my work like I usually do.  I did not want to mess around with adjusting the digital canvas size for each individual artwork’s photograph.

I adjusted the first image to the size I wanted and got the image color corrected, cropped and straightened to my liking.  The easy cheat is to use the Move tool and bring the other images into the same .PSD document, creating a new layer, and then just use Edit > Transform > Scale to match the companion images’ sizes to the size of the first image.  You can save each image [as the same size] by hiding the other layers and just showing the one you want.  Then you have size matched images that you can pull together into one image, like I did with the Goldfish above.   




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