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Basic Information: Fastest Color Field Background

June 8, 2011

I had previously posted about how to make a hand painted color field background fill in quickly, which I do to get a solid color and paint the rest of the image over the top of; here are four even faster techniques for a solid color background.  The prior method is more of a hand-painted look and will show stria and brushwork;

  1. Spray Paint:  A few light even layers will readily stick to canvas and many other surfaces.  Spray paint comes in many different colors and wonderful metallic paints.
  2. Air Brush:  If you do not have the equipment, borrow some and try it.  Air brush set ups are usually pretty costly but people that paint well with this mechanical tool can do very good work and lay down very thin layers of even color readily.
  3. Roller Brush:  A thinner paint like latex, watered down acrylic or thinned oil can be rolled out with a smooth surface hardware store roller brush.  Prevent bits of fluff from getting in the paint by wrapping the roller with blue painter’s tape, squeezing the roller tube all over then pulling the tape off.  This will remove any loose fuzzies before you paint with the roller.
  4. Rubber Squeegee:  It takes a steady hand, but I have seen people paint level fields of color very well with a hardware store or utilitarian squeegee.  If you have a silkscreen, it may help to push water-based media through the screen with a printmaking squeegee; however, the texture of canvas does not lead to an even application of color as paper or any other similarly smoother surface.
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