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Book Recommendation: Give a Little

June 7, 2011

Give a Little: How Your Small Donations Can Transform Our World by Wendy Smith is a fascinating and uplifting book.  The author illustrates how the majority of monies donated to benefit people in need comes from large numbers of average people making small contributions, not from major foundations or the Federal government.  This is the emphasis of the book: average Americans making small contributions is the biggest and most powerful source of funding to bring positive changes to people in need.  Even better, several smart, innovative groups are addressing the underlying causes of poverty, hunger, disease, etc. in fashions that resolve the source of the problem and have ripple effects to benefit the greater community.  The best of these endeavors are in the business of putting themselves out of business.

The data in this book is fascinating and often unexpected; the author crunches alot of number but it is interesting and easily read.  There are many profiles of different organizations and their strategies on how to resolve the trouble their efforts are focused on, both in the USA and internationally.  Information on how groups will maximize the use of your donations is given as well as overall information on how to understand the operations of non-profit organizations and select potential recipients of donations.  The daily news media is full of overwhelming negativity, fear and hopelessness.  This book is an antidote and will make you all the less cynical for reading it because there are smart, motivated people out in the volunteer, activist and non-profit areas of work making things better for others.  Amazon look inside preview here.

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