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Artist of the Week: MARCK

June 6, 2011

“Untitled” LCD panel, iron /2011 8 +1 EA /34in. x 20in. x9.5in. / 21:31 movie loop

MARCK is an artist that is combing video technology with sculpture.  I found this work to be among the the most exciting and engrossing artworks on display at Art Chicago NEXT 2011.  LCD screens, circuits, programming, wood frames, welded steel and more bring the two dimensional nature of video imagery on a flat screen to life as a three dimensional object.  People clustered around the works and were riveted by them; the movement of the video loops and external physical elements held viewers in place as they considered each artwork.  We’re perfectly programmed to this type of viewing from a life-time of movies and television.  I feel the works were a brilliant combination of artistic expression and technology.

Here are some short clips of the MARCK works I saw on display.  I did not soundtrack the footage I shot and dropped out the ambient crowd sounds picked up by the video camera’s microphone since this is how the artist presents his works on his own site.  In all fairness, I did not know or even expect the video sculptures could be viewed so readily as to be presented in full online.  Go and try to find complete Cremaster Cycle film footage by Matthew Barney.  Still images abound but video footage is a rarity.  I’m pretty surprised there are a few pirated clips (generally very short and low resolution) on YouTube because the Cremaster works are under a huge amount of proprietary legal control as an aspect of their sales and possession, being of a limited set of ten DVD discs.  The Guggenheim NYC owns one; this is how the works were monetized.  MARCK’s works are sculptural objects, so it is clear he is not trying to maintain that kind of proprietary legal control over the video aspect.  Having first seen the MARCK works, I pounced as I would pounce all over anything I find exciting and may never see it again.

This is a portion of an article about MARCK’s work below:

“The video sculptures by Swiss artist MARCK are more than a simple combination of video and sculpture: They are a logic consequence of his extensive examination with films and videos, multimedia based projects, performances, music and sculptural as well as kinetic objects. The many years he has been working with these media have showed him their limits and possibilities thus founding a basis for the body of works created since 2001. The determining factor for his video sculptures was-amongst others-his dissatisfaction with the boring representation of films on monitors. Hence he started to rebuild them on the one hand in order to detract the static aspect from the sculpture and on the other to set real boundaries for his films/videos. The examination of humans and their world of feelings is central to MARCK’s oeuvre. It is based on the search for a combination of influence from the outside and inner conditions. His performers are always women who are aware of the artistic (and artificial) space surrounding them which they fathom with their bodies….”

I recommend reading the rest of the article this portion is excerpted from as well as seeing the works online.  Learn more about MARCK and see more his work at his portfolio website hereEach movie loop and sculptural artwork has a still image and you can watch the full composition if you click the scrolling sprocket film icon in the lower right corner. 

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