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Hung Liu Paintings Seen in May 2011

May 28, 2011

Despite my camera dying on me again, I borrowed a camera to get photographs of more art by prior Artist of the Week Hung Liu during Art Chicago 2011. I have a prior painting documented in March 2011.

I love her work; although I kind of felt a little like a stalker -um- at least an art stalker.  I am in good company at this event, because a lot of people are image collecting as they walk around with cameras, including high end DSLRs and hand held video cameras.  There were many pieces with the gold metallic background.  The lowest priced piece was available for $9,000 while the highest priced piece was tagged at $69,000; so there is a spectrum of prices for collectors with differing income brackets.  Sizes often ranged from about two to four foot square; the Last Empress an oil on canvas was wall-sized.   The other works are multi-media on panel with layers of clear resin.


Wild Swan

Golden Rain

Haitang Gold (detail)

Haitang Gold

Last Empress

Remote Portrait V

This painting was very subtle; my photograph is terrible.  The foreground with the bird and branch was painted clearly as if in sharp focus and the face in the background was subtly blurred as if out of focus.

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