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Visual Culture: The Unfortunate Basset Hound

May 27, 2011

I admit that Basset Hounds are droopy faced; to others, they may look depressed or outright moody.  Really, you have to be used to having one around to read their subtle facial expressions.  Mine are predominantly happy (or sleeping, which is a hobby with them) although they feign starvation whenever I’m near food in the kitchen.  Sadly, the Basset Hound is the poster-child for all negative canine conditions.  If the product is for something bad, there’s a Basset on it.

It just gets a bit oppressive when at the pet supply store.  Digestive ailments, bad breath, ear infections, obesity and a thousand other ailments have the Basset Hounds on the signs and labels.  Cheerier topics have Labs, Golden Retrievers, Terriers, etc.  Advertising has totally typecast the poor Basset.  Worse, the recently released TV commercial below has outright misinformation.  Adorable as they are, Basset Hounds are heavy boned and the majority of them can’t swim.


Frickin’ beer commercials strike again.

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