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Artist of the Week: Laura Ortiz Vega

May 21, 2011

Laura Ortiz Vega is an artist that is combining different elements to make art.  She photographs street graffiti in and around Mexico City and makes art objects of the graffiti using thread and wax on panel.  Mexico has a long history of women working in the the needle trades.  The thread becomes paint; the ephemeral street art becomes a permanent record.

The works are small, colorful and beautifully crafted.  My friends thought they were made with paint, the lines of threads looked like brush strokes.  The surface of the threads have a nice silky sheen to them, like the gloss of paint.

I found the above still images on a blog titled The Artist’s Business Digest.  The video I shot is from NEXT 2011.  Laura Ortiz Vega can be contact through her gallery Antena Estudio here.

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