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Artist of the Week: Jorge Santos

May 15, 2011

Human Attachments by Jorge Santos, oil & acrylic on canvas, 2011, 58” x 78” [147.3 x 198.1 cm]

Artist Jorge Santos’ website classifies his work as “surreal allegorical works”.  I saw these two large paintings in person and he is truly a master of his craft, working in a style that can be classified as “naturalistic” or “realistic” as inherited from the European Renaissance era.  The paintings were arresting and the colors were a lot richer in person than in the photographs I have posted here.

Jorge Santos is a good example of an artist that has combined ideas of art theory with traditional skills to create contemporary works.  I’m always impressed by artists who put a high level of skill into their work. More than a display of virtuoso, the paintings are communications. 

Mail Order Bride by Jorge Santos, oil & acrylic on canvas, 2010, 60” x 68” [152.4 x 198.1 cm]

The artist’s website explains his paintings further:

Figures are frequently fragmented, boxed within rooms, cardboard containers, or trompe l’oeil frames. An unusual icon will repeat itself with humorous frequency: a fish, a plane, a train… His characters seem alienated, odd, socially awkward and disconnected; disconnected also from their backgrounds by texture and technique. The overall impact of the work is disturbing and yet endearingly funny.

While one could spend hours psychoanalyzing Santos’ imagery, perhaps the best path to understanding his work is of that of a master set designer who creates an emotional landscape and populates it with characters to be animated in the imaginations of his viewers. Santos sets the stage and creates the cast, but each individual who sees the work writes his or her own internal play, making Santos’ work a unique, almost interactive, experience.”

See more of his art at his portfolio website here.

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