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Beth Lipman Art Glass

May 11, 2011

I noticed there were more glass works at Art Chicago this year, and except for a few actual Dale Chihuly pieces, the other works seemed determined to go in the opposite direction as much as possible.

Chihuly is known for his organic forms that flow, towers and orbs of squiggly forms, shapes that resemble sea anemones, asymmetrical bowls and combinations of bright colors.  I imagine this is a problem for current glass artists, because if a piece uses any of these elements it is going to be compared to Chihuly works right away.

The glass art I did se, including the work in this video, seemed to stay with the following:

  • Clear or frosted glass, color use was minimal.
  • Formal abstracted forms that were more architectural.
  • Geometric forms, such as cubes.

Toppled Basket by Beth Lipman is very formal and traditional to earlier glass blowing art.  This representational piece has many shaped glass pieces representing fruit and flowers arranged as a still life composition.  Maybe formal abstraction and traditional representation is the direction glass artists are going in now, at least if they don’t want people to see a work they made and chirp “That’s just like a Chihuly!”

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