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Artist Tip: More Precision With Masking Tape

May 6, 2011

My journey with perfecting the handling of masking tape continues.  I wanted sharper edges with the metallic paint on the Kojak canvas; I wanted really perfect, sharp edges.  (At least, as close to “perfect” as heavily brushed on acrylic paint on canvas will allow.)

I took a risk and tried using my Xacto hobby knife to cut the stencil needed with the tape applied to the surface of the painting.  I realized I could see the pencil lines through the beige colored tape very well and was tired of fumbling with scissors.  Using the knife is risky because it is pretty easy to cut into the surface of -or through- the canvas.  I used a light touch and a very sharp new blade.  It was able to handle the knife very well and am please with the results of shaping the masking tape this way.  I am going to use this method more in the future.

I am doing this new step in conjunction with the earlier method I wrote about to get sharper edges with masking tape.  I also purchased some very thin masking tape rolls, 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch wide, to mask out smaller and thinner areas of paintings with less cutting or adjusting of the tape.  The less I fiddle with tape, the more time I have to paint.

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