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Artist Tip: Plastic Wrap & Foil to Save Paint

April 21, 2011

I have devised another tactic to save small amounts of mixed paint colors.  I try to mix more of a color than I think I will need so I have an “margin of error”.  This strategy is helpful if you need to touch up part of your painting; you have some of the original color left and do not have to mix more and try to match the original paint color. I use these two new storage tactics when there is so little paint to not make it worth my trouble to use -and later clean- my small plastic dollar store containers.

  • FOR OIL PAINTS:  I use some aluminum foil, placing the paint I want to save in the middle of a rectangle of foil with a palette knife.  I fold the rectangle in half, fold the edges on the three remaining sides over a few times, rolling the edges and pressing them flat to make a sealed pocket for the paint.  Foil is my preference since sunlight is a factor in making oil paints harden (“dry”) and the metal is opaque.
  • FOR ACRYLIC PAINTS: I like plastic wrap, especially the Glad Press’n Seal brand of plastic wrap -or “cling film” as people like to call it in the UK.  Place the remaining paint in the middle of a rectangle, press the plastic closed around the paint, trying to get little to no air trapped inside the plastic.  I try to store this paint storing packet in a cool, dark place like my paint box.
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